Payworks provides workforce management solutions for your business. Payworks provides innovative cloud-based workforce management solutions including Payroll, Time Management, and Human Resources, that share a single common database. This means no interfaces, no double entry, and all systems update each other seamlessly and in real time.

Payroll Service Features: Their feature-rich Payroll module will meet all of your processing needs. Built on a single database, it brings together your HR and Employee Time Management data to efficiently and accurately process your payroll every time. Canadian-owned, Payworks provides comprehensive, innovative, and integrated online solutions. With more than 200 employees and 10 regional offices, including Regina and Saskatoon, we pro- cess over 8 million employee payments per year for more than 14,000 clients across Canada. The solution is scalable:

  • Multiple pay groups and pay frequencies
  • Single or multiple locations with multiple pay groups and pay frequencies • Multi-user access with role-based security
  • Multiple Federal and Provincial Business Numbers
  • Additional HR, Employee Time Management modules