Rocelco is a major supplier of Ergonomic Office Products to the Canadian and USA markets with their Rocelco ADR – Adjustable Sit to Standing Desk Riser. This standing desk solution is the next generation of office furniture as sitting for too long can cause health issues and we all need to be a more fit. This design sits on top of your desk and can be adjusted from a sit to standing mode based on your height and it also has a retractable keyboard tray for proper ergonomic hand positioning. The desk top panel can hold 2 monitors and comes in two sizes 32” x 20.5 (keyboard tray 24” w x 11.8”) and 37” x 0.5” (keyboard tray 29.5” w x 11.5”. It has 5 adjustable heights from 6.5” – 16.3” that use gas springs esigned to hold up to 50 lbs. The height can be adjusted on the sides of the top tray with levers for ach hand. It is available in black or white. Rocelco is also a supplier of Flat Panel TV/Speaker wall and ceiling mounts, speaker stands and audio-video cables, under the B-Tech and Rocelco brand names. , 905-738-0737, 1-800-387-9101