Free Cybersecurity Resources from Global Knowledge for Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Global Knowledge, a worldwide leader in IT training, is providing free resources to help organizations educate their IT and non-IT staff on cybersecurity threats and risks during October’s international Cyber- security Awareness Month. Some of the free resources include:

  • Online courses to build skills in key cybersecurity skills and concepts.
  • Webinar on “How to Create a Better Cyber Defense by Building a Winning Cybersecurity Team.”
  • “Capture the Flag” style game that tests your cybersecurity knowledge and skills.
  • Cybersecurity awareness posters to use as reminders about best practices. 
  • A full list of the free resources can be found at 

“One mistake that organizations can make is in believing that cybersecurity is solely an IT problem, when it is primarily a skills problem,” said Todd Johnstone, CEO, Global Knowledge. “Cybersecurity breaches begin with simple errors made by an individual who fails to recognize a threat and provides criminals the opportunity to do harm.” Cybersecurity attacks can cost millions of dollars; collectively, almost $600 billion, according to McAfee.

To meet customer needs, Global Knowledge is located in 15 countries, and has the unique flexibility to deliver a broad portfolio of courses in over 100 countries in classrooms, online, and through a worldwide partner network.