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In October 2018, BDC released a study of 2,000 Canadian and USA entrepreneurs concerning their digital maturity. The study found that businesses with an advanced digital maturity profile were 62% more likely than their peers to have enjoyed high sales growth over the last 3 years. Businesses with low digital maturity has performed poorly over the past few years with 25% of these businesses having seen sales plummet. The survey looked at customer facing activities for communications, digital marketing and e-commerce. Plus back-office activities for productivity, data analytics and digital production tools. The BDC has created a Digital Maturity Test that you do for free online to see where your digital maturity level. Below is an overview of the modern digital infrastructure.

One in five (19%) of Canadian businesses are digitally advanced, with 57% having a conservative profile. Larger companies tend to be more digitally mature and Quebec has the highest percentage of digitally advanced companies at 26% in Canada. Other provinces ranged in the 15-19% range. Companies are grouped into 4 segments conservative, techno-shy, technocratic and advanced.

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