The Grand & Toy Guide to Green Office Products

What Is “Green”? At Grand & Toy, they use the define green products as  having one or more of the following broad environmental benefits relative to other products in their category:

  • Reduced Waste
  • Reduced Energy Use
  • Reduced Chemical Use

Buying Green Can Save Money

Not all green products are necessarily expensive. Some, such as remanufactured ink and toner cartridges, cost less than the alternative. Others may be more expensive initially, but save money by lower operating costs, such as energy efficient or reusable products. Consider the total lifetime cost of the products before purchase.

You Can Contribute Without Sacrifice

The quality of green products has improved dramatically. Recycled paper is now brighter and does not contain wood chips, greener cleaning products are more effective, and the remanufactured ink and toner cartridges go through strict quality controls.

It May Be Policy and Will Help You Lead Peers

Going green may be part of your organization’s mission or formal policy. It can help your organization report on environmental practices and lead your industry in innovative procurement practices. Buying green may also help you achieve your Sustainable Development or Green Building goals.

Act On Your Personal Commitment To The Environment

As an individual, buying green may be important to you. You can make a difference by choosing greener products.

There are numerous green issues. You can choose what you care about and prioritize organization actions in these areas.

  • To Reduce Waste And Landfills:  Buy products with high recycled content and use recycling solutions
  • To Reduce Pressure On Forests: Buy paper products with high recycled content or from certified “well-managed forests”.
  • To Reduce Energy Demand And Carbon Emissions: Buy products that reduce energy use such as energy-efficient office technology and solar-powered items. (Also recycled)
  • To Improve Indoor Air Quality: Buy GREENGUARD or SCS Certified furniture and Greenseal or EcoLogo certified cleaning products.
  • To Reduce Harsh Chemicals in Production:Buy items made with less harsh chemicals used during manufacturing e.g. PVC-free plastic products or choose bio-based alternatives to synthetic chemicals.
  • To Reduce Local Air Pollution And Carbon Emissions: Reduce fuel and related carbon dioxide emissions by buying products in bulk and ordering less frequently

Three Main Ways To A Greener Office Through Greener Purchasing

  • Review the website
  • Focus first on where you buy most/care most
  • Use savings from low cost green options to pay for higher cost green products

Five Main Ways To A Greener Office Through Greener Practices

  • Print Double Sided When Feasible: Upgrade some printers/switch to duplex and reduce paper use and fund greener paper purchasing
  • Stop Using Phantom Power: Reduce energy consumed by standby power and install power strips and switch things off
  • Use Reusables: Save money and reduce waste by purchasing refillable and reusable products, such as writing instruments or coffee mugs
  • Recycle Recyclables: Recycle the common recyclable materials in the office and take advantage of recycling programs for batteries and cell phones, ink and toner, writing instruments, coffee capsules, office supplies, computer accessories, and PPE/safety equipment.
  • Reduce Delivery Frequency: Take advantage of 48-hour and Right Day Delivery options to reduce the carbon footprint of your shipment.:

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