Office Spring-Cleaning: Tips for De-Cluttering Your Workspace and Increasing Productivity

May is finally here, and so is the warmer weather. It’s time to pack up the winter clothing and do some spring-cleaning – both at home and at the office. Let’s face it, you’ve been hibernating behind those stacks of paper on your desk for long enough. And the fact of the matter is, it’s impacting your work performance.  Studies show office clutter undermines productivity and motivation.

Here are some tips on how to de-clutter the work space 

  1. Prearrange a weekly appointment to clean
  2. Don’t make piles; set limits
  3. Your desktop is not a storage space (that’s what desk drawers are for)
  4. Get it off the floor
  5. Eliminate digital clutter (organize your inbox as you would your filing cabinet)
  6. Disinfect regularly

A survey by Adecco found that 75 per cent of workers believe people are most productive when their workspace is clean. Start spring off right – with a fresh desk and a renewed enthusiasm at work. Now next on the list is the fridge and make sure it is organized as part of the Office Spring Clean-up

How to Keep the Fridge Organized:

The secret to a clean fridge is an organized fridge! Make sure there is a designated area for the communal items such as cream and butter as well as for personal lunches. Likewise, label all sections in the fridge. If possible include dates on your labels for “best before” guidelines.

Establish best practices & guidelines for fridge cleaning:

A fair and simple policy should include all employees in a rotating weekly cleaning schedule. This will keep maintenance fair and regular. If there is more than one fridge in the office divide the tasks accordingly by each department. Simple “rules” as listed below can help avoid sticky messes:

Properly clean your fridge:

Scheduling occasional fridge clean days should be welcomed and encouraged. While it can initially take a long-time (when was the last time you cleaned your fridge?!) – if your workplace sets a regular cleaning schedule the time necessary to clean should decrease. Eventually – if everyone follows the above mentioned “best cleaning practices” then there might not be a mess to clean up in at all!

Maintain good fridge etiquette:

Food past it’s expiry date? Toss it. Out of condiments or cream for coffee? Add it to the office shopping list. Be proactive in making sure that everyone at your workplace is responsible for their own items. No one want’s the below policy where food is chucked out at the end of day because it wasn’t eaten or labelled properly!

Now if your company wants to take the spring clean-up to your community, the World Wildlife Fund has “The Great Canadian Shore Clean-up program across Canada and your company can sponsor one.

This article was originally posted on the website and edited for Office Today Readers