Keep Your Customers Happy with these 10 Great Corporate Gift ideas

We all now how important it is  to keep your customers happy. You will need a steady supply of premiums for your trade shows, golf tournaments, employee events, charity auctions etc. with your logo on it. Office Today had a look at Akran Marketing’s website and chose 10 ideas to help your company this year.

Lip Balm:It is always good to give the gift that last so they can see your logo each time they use. But it has to be practical . This natural beeswax vanilla flavour  lip balm is a good way. It is a personal item that can be left in a purse and and be used over and over. Minimum Order: $2.83 each  for 250

Beach Ball: The beach ball as a trade show premium is easy to ship  and creates a fun image for your brand. It can me used at company gatherings and given to staff or to be used crowd interactive tool for a festive atmosphere as they bounce around in a crowd like at concerts. Minimum Order: $1.95 each for 150

Handy Pen 3-in-1 Tool Pen:Everybody gives out pens at trades shows, here is one that can stand out from the crowd versus the other vendors. How about a Handy Pen 3-1 tool, it s a pen, screwdriver and LED Flashlight . Minimum Order: $5.18 each for 200

Waist Pack with Bottle Holder:Here is a waist pack with two zippered packets and a bottle holder.  Great to have at company functions and can potentially be a popular item as their are a lot of water bottle huggers out there. Minimum Order: $8.22 each for 50

SmartPhone Ring:Here is a good way to get you logo on someone’s smartphone  an adhesive zinc alloy phone ring  This is a good way for customers to get close and personal with your brand. Minimum Order: $4.28 each for 100

Mosquito Repellant Band: This is a good way to get your brand some real love give you customer a Mosquito repellant band. Bug season is  now upon us and helping someone keeps bugs away is a good thing. It uses citronella, geranium, lavender and peppermint to ward off insects. Minimum Order: $6.59 each for 500

Metallic Water Bottle:If you are going to give a water bottle away at trade shows , it is always best to give something that will last. So lets go metallic. Do be cheap and get plastic.  Minimum Order: $7.68 each for 10

Eco Tote Bag: Giving out tote bags at trade shows is a good way to help fight the plastic bag problem as these bags can be used for groceries (20lb capacity). You might as well go one step further and a get Eco-Friendly one too to show you how much you care for the environment. Minimum Order: $2.15 each for 300

Callaway Golf Balls:You always need a steady supply of golf balls for your sales people to give out as they attend your customer’s golf tournaments so you better keep a few dozen of these handy. Callaway will stand out versus all the other golf balls as it is a premium brand.  Minimum Order: Box of 12 for $32.99

Bluetooth Ear Muff Head Phones:Need a high value gift that won’t break the bank. Give you client a blue tooth ear muff headphone . Great gift to give out for all the charity requests and golf tourney prizes. Minimum Order: $42.74 each for 12

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