Good Corporate Citizenship – Amazon Minimizes Waste in Packaging for Online Purchases

In 2008 Amazon introduced a Frustration Free Packaging Program for all Amazon Vendors that requires all packaging be made of 100% recyclable materials, easy to open, and designed to ship products in their original packaging. This eliminates the need for an additional shipping box and as of December 2017, Amazon’s sustainable packaging efforts have eliminated 215,000 tons of packaging material and avoided 360 million shipping boxes. That is a lot of waste and is deserving of recognition of what is an example good corporate citizenship.

Frustration-Free Packaging ends customer “wrap rage” by removing plastic bindings, wire ties, and clamshell casings – making boxes simple to open. And it’s great for the environment because products ship in their original packaging, eliminating the need for an additional shipping box. Amazon has three tiers for packaging classification.

Source: Crownhill Packaging Limited, APASS Network partner

Kathrin Belliveau, Senior Vice President, Hasbro, Inc. one of the early adopters of the program states: “We love how Frustration-Free Packaging allows us to deepen our commitment to sustainability, enable our consumers to enjoy their toys and games the minute they unwrap the box, and reduce waste – good for the environment, good for consumers, and good for business.”

Companies will need to work with a packaging partner in the APASS Network developed by Amazon that  supports Amazon vendors and sellers in certifying their products under Amazon’s Frustration Free Packaging Program guidelines. Effective August 1, 2019, Amazon will require all packages larger than 18”x14”x8” or heavier than 20 lbs. to be certified through the FFP Program. Gordon Semple, Director of Sales at Crownhill Packaging Ltd. an APASS network partner states that the purpose of these new guidelines is to reduce the number of times that a damaged or defective product is delivered.