Why Old School is Sometimes Better : The Ultimate Work Journal is still on Paper

Based on this tip from the 1986 Best Seller “ What They Don’t Teach you at Harvard Business School” is the importance of making notes in a journal (unless your are sticky fanatic) so you can remember all the details that happen in your daily life, so you have a record to go back to. It keeps your memory sharp as writing it down helps recall (if you get get teased for your short term memory). This is an essential tool in the workplace according to the author Mark McCormack. 

BUT…We are still looking for the right app for a personal journal in the digital age. Maybe it was already invented and we just don’t know it? Smartphones are too small and you don’t want to look geeky in a meeting and be typing on a laptop (maybe you do). Stylus based tablets look cumbersome and are expensive to buy.  So what do you use? The best way is still pen on paper, an old school way. It is more convenient to use, portable, does not require electricity to run,  it is cheap and recyclable. Some of  latest software apps can scan the pages and convert it into text for your computer so you can still can blend a little old and new school in the office.

Oxford Idea Collective Meeting Notebook

Oxford has created a paper notebook for this purpose. This 80 page wire bound notebook on premium paper (8 1/4” x 11”) has preprinted ruled pages to record meeting and action items. It has a soft gray cover and the sheets are perforated and this can be the ideal notebook to record minutes of weekly staff meetings.  Its is available at Tops Products.