Office Security: Why You Need Big Brother Looking Over your Shoulder

If you keep reading the news we live in a turbulent world as the gun industry is under fire from all the public outcry with gun violence. The latest incidents that get reported in the news should make us more aware of security measures to protect your employees. What can companies do to improve workplace security to prevent theft, corporate espionage, hacker attacks and gun violence. Do you have emergency procedures in place for gun violence? I thinks its time to think about it.?

It seems that criminal creativity creates new threats all the time and it best to review your security risks on annual basis says Michael Finelli, Director of Operations for Verdin Systems to stay on top of with current security issues.

Office Security Checklist

A) Emergency Procedures
What are your procedures for an emergency, when did you have the last fire drill, who calls 911? What happens in case of a reported shootings? What do you do when you have an hacker attack and get held up for ransom? Discuss each scenario and have an action plan in place.

B) Digital Security of Company Data
Today’s high value target for criminal activity is your data that can be use for identity and financial theft. Be wary of phishing attacks via email as hacker attacks today are done by robots. Make sure to keep your website with the latest security patches and if you don’t then shame on you. What happens if your computer system crashes, do you have a disaster recovery back-up system in place for all your corporate data?

Honeywell’s Pro Watch – Security Management Suite software offers a mobile client app for security monitoring.

C) Confidential Document and Digital Media Shredding
What are your procedures for shredding confidential documents. Are your methods in legal compliance for the latest privacy legislation. When you replace outdate computers and smartphones, what is your data destruction on the hard drives when your recycle them.

D) Theft Prevention of Physical and Digital Assets
How do you prevent the theft of office equipment and company products. What is your warehouse and product transportation security measures. The latest generation of locks can be set up using biometrics versus using keys to make management a little safe and secure. What are your security login procedures to the computer network by your staff , do you change passwords often.

E) Employees ID Cards
Employees can be issued building access control cards that restrict access during specific work hours and to secure areas within the office, such as labs and server rooms, to authorized personnel only. Emerging technology, such as biometric systems uses the employee’s fingerprints or retina that can be you used for enhanced security..

F) Building Security
Most office buildings and shopping centres this is provided by the landlord with a security guard in the lobby, if not you will need to consider installing a video surveillance and alarm system. The latest in facial recognition AI technology can now scan databases for people that pose potential threats like professional shop lifters for retail chains or banned gamblers from casinos.

Security Companies

Below is a list/links of security companies you may want to look into to help review your security needs and it even may help save on your insurance costs, LOL

Aiphone Corp. Avon Security Products Axis Communications Commend Condor Security
GardaWorld Intelligarde Nuvoola Paladin Security  Paragon Security Profile Regal Security Resolver Veridin Systems Xpera