Pro Tips for Managing your Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook can help you work even more efficiently with email, calendar, contacts, tasks and more – all in one place. We all have our own email habits and organization tips to stay organized and to save time. With Outlook, there are plenty of tricks and new features coming out to help you stay organized on the go and tackle a task of any size.  

Staying Organized to Achieve Inbox Zero

If you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to achieve Inbox Zero, Folder Clean Up can help. Inbox Zero is a rigorous approach to email management aimed at keeping the inbox empty — or almost empty — at all times. Inbox Zero was developed by productivity expert Merlin Mann.  Mann’s point is that time and attention are finite and when an inbox is confused with a “to do” list, productivity suffers. So achieve Inbox Zero, from your Inbox (or any other email folder), select Home > Clean Up. You can Clean Up Conversation, Clean Up Folder, or Clean Up Folder & Subfolders. Outlook will automatically move redundant, read messages to the Deleted Items folder. Folder Clean Up will never remove unread messages.

Stay focused on important emails by ignoring conversations. Any conversation you ignore will be moved to the Deleted Items folder. Pick a message from a conversation you want to ignore, then select Home > Ignore > Ignore Conversation (or press Ctrl+Del). Optionally: check Don’t show this message again.

Getting Noticed with “@mentions” Syntax in your Email Messages

Use @mentions to get someone’s attention! In the body of your email message or meeting request, type @ followed by the person’s first and last name. Select the name to see it highlighted in the body and added to the To line of the email. The recipient will see an @ symbol in their message list.

Saving Time – Key Board Shortcuts, Voice and Inking Mode for digital pens

Speed through Outlook with keyboard shortcuts. Do you want to create a new email message? Press Ctrl+Shift+M. For a new contact, try Ctrl+Shift+C. Outlook has you covered with appointments and meetings too. Ctrl+Shift+A creates an appointment, while Ctrl+Shift+Q opens a new meeting request. What’s the most popular Outlook keyboard shortcut? Ctrl+Enter sends your message. 

Hands full? No problem! Let Microsoft Word and Outlook read your documents and email messages aloud. Text is highlighted as its read. In Outlook, select a message and click Home > Read Aloud.

Stay in the creative flow with “inking mode” in Outlook— there is an inking mode capability in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote to Outlook for Windows. Inking mode in Outlook enables you to use your digital pen or finger to annotate and make notes. You can also easily markup photos and images directly in your emails. To get started, select the Draw tab on the ribbon to see all your new pens and start inking.

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