Office 365 Tips: The Latest Features of Microsoft Word

There are many features of Microsoft Word that can help you become an expert in productivity – or simply make your life easier! There are several updates that you help to edit and assign work or manage tasks. You can also simply create a web page to transform your work and for those looking for a new job or prospect, there are lots of ways to make the most of your resume. 

1. Using the Digital Pen with Ink Editor

This is a modern take on a traditional task: editing documents. Just use your digital pen to strike out, insert, or re-arrange text and Word makes the edits in real-time. 

2. The Editor Overview pane provides writing suggestions

This one is a mouthful, but it’s something you’ll wonder how you lived without. The Editor Overview pane—a.k.a. “Check Document” in the Review tab—helps you quickly find and fix the proofing issues you care about by showing a list of ways you can improve the writing in your document. Being a great writer just got a whole lot easier. 

3. Using the “@me” sign to draw attention

You’re used to using the @ sign and someone’s name or handle to address them in social media apps, and you can do the same thing in Word for Office 365. Now, when collaborating on a document, it’s easy to draw a coworker’s attention to an area where you need their input. Simply use the @ sign and their name, followed by the message, and they receive an email saying they’ve been mentioned. 

4. Create a web page – No need for additional coding?

What! Word can make web pages? Yes, yes it can. All you have to do is use the Transform to Web Page feature. It’s as simple as designing your document how you want it to look, then on the File tab, going to Transform > Transform to Web Page. You can select from a bunch of styles and then easily publish a web page that you can share with friends, family, or coworkers—and it looks great on any device and in a matter of minutes. 

5. The Resume Assistant connects to Linkedin

Word’s Resume Assistant is powered by LinkedIn, i.e. your resume’s future home, so why not use it to revamp your C.V.? Not only can you see how other people in your role are selling their skills (without revealing you “viewed” their profile), but you’ll also get tips on how to improve your resume, so it outshines your competition. 

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