Going Foward – Temperature Work Place Screening?

It is inevitable that mass work place screenings will be needed to combat the virus as part of the “Better to be Safe, Than Sorry ” Phase of the crisis. As you will eventually go back to work. The earliest is two months, but it depends on the success in preventing the pandemic. Mass tasting and social distancing are two measures that have been effective. The data collected allows the medical community chart the spread of the the virus. Big data comes into play now.

You will need to set up a workplace screening procedure for workers when they come back that will need to follow provincial government guidelines. Their are online screening assessments available at each provincial website to help with mass screening. You can use this as a tool for your workers for pre-screening and proof of screening.

What can we learn from the Health Industry

Right now workplace screening is done in the health industry and they are adopting a temperature (100 degree F, 38 degrees Celsius) as the screening tool on a daily basis plus other symptoms. If your temperature is below 100 degrees, you will receive a sticker signifying you are clear for the day as an example. All initial interactions will include screening questions like travel and recent potential contact activities, that will be logged in at reception that has been typically done at secondary medical facilities.

It is felt that the COVID-10 virus may act like a seasonal flu and will come back and is expected to linger for two years according to this article in the South China Morning Post. So it looks like these preventative measure will be part of the new normal in the workplace.

Smart Thermometer Apps can provide self-testing, protect privacy, track the spread and provide comfort at work

Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Here is a product that is getting attention in the USA from Kinsa Inc. as a way to screen workers with a personal thermometer that provide health advice and is connected to the cloud to track the data to provide real-time maps of virus spread. The cost is $37 US, a small investment to keep you staff safe and a great preventative measure and health authorities have access to the data.

This tool can provide mass testing for the early stages of the virus without a burden on the government infrastructure that is now in a state of organized chaos and we need to help too. Self-testing maintains social distancing guidelines.

Be careful of pitches of digital thermometer that use infrared sensors they are only good for exterior temperature like pipes and not used for humans.

Canadian Government Links

Please refer to only government sites for reliable information as their is a lot information out there and you need a sense of clarity of what to do. A national self-assessment tool has been set by the Government of Canada at this link and is adapted for all provinces. This will be helpful in guiding you how to set-up workplace screening.

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