5 ways to reward employees working from home

Working from home is going to remain, so how can you still motivate you staff when they have a done a good job? Johnny C. Taylor Jr., a human resources expert, president and CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management penned this post on USA Today on how you can just do that.

The pandemic has brought about immediate and long-term changes for businesses, but it’s also provided opportunities for employees to step up, stand out, and shine. So, it’s great that you, as a manager, want to recognize and reward the good work getting done.

With many employees working remotely, the traditional ways of recognizing a team, may not infeasible. But don’t let that deter you – you can get creative.  Although you’re apart, here are five ways to reward your remote team and let them know they’re knocking it out of the park:

5 ways to keep your staff motivated

• Give your team a couple of extra hours off on a Friday (i.e., if an employee normally works until 5 p.m. let them leave at 3 p.m.).

• Send an electronic gift card for a local restaurant for carry-out or for a grocery delivery service

• Send a mini-COVID-19 survival kit with puzzles and snacks

• Send an electronic thank you card to team members

• Send an email to the entire company outlining the work being done by the department and why you are recognizing them

Keep in mind, recognition doesn’t need to be elaborate and that you should tailor praise to the person. After all, some people may not appreciate public displays of recognition, even if it’s positive! At any rate, these types of thoughtful, sincere gestures can go a long way. I hope your team appreciates your efforts!