Virtual Forest Therapy – Remote Workers need to get out!

Remote workers rejoice you can get some Virtual Forest Therapy while you work at home for at least the rest of the year. You now have your home office all set-up, but you will eventually need to get some fresh air and stretch your legs or even get in a workout. Well here is a virtual tour of some great hiking and biking trails that may help refresh, invigorate you to motivate you to go out and get some fresh air.

Lets get started.

Start your virtual tour with this foot bridge and take a deep breath and smell the air.

Nothing like a nice stroll in a wooded area with bridges and streams to walk through to help clear your head. Most trails are located in urban watersheds and are reclaimed ecosystems, like the Don Valley River in Toronto, that was very polluted a generation ago and is now a thriving ecosystem. You can explore the beauty and therapeutic effects of nature in your own backyard

Need to Get out of the City?

Now if you need to get out of the city? As you know, Canada is home to a plentiful supply of rivers and lakes in each province and has trails just waiting for you to explore place in your backyard. The cottage country trails explored include snowmobile trails and a reclaimed train track line in the Blue Mountain region. 

Need the calming effects of water? We got Lake Ontario to Explore

Toronto is blessed with lakefront trails on Lake Ontario that go along the shoreline if you have a need for a ocean waterfront like setting for your forest therapy session. You can pack your folding chair and sit in the water in a secluded spot.

Are you Born for Adventure?

Yeah this is a name of a Styx song, so if you are a little more adventurous mountain bike trails are a great way to get lost in the forest (Yeah the GPS does not work on a lot of trails). These hilly trails that navigate river valleys and mountain ranges offer spectacular views that can only be seen on foot or bike.

The best part of all this is you can do this for FREE , of course you will need a bike and bike rack to travel to these destinations to cycle. The best set-up is to get a bike rack that works with a trailer hitch for maximum safety. As you might know, new bikes are in short supply, so you better see what you have in the garage or check the listings on Kijji.

To help you explore there are apps that help you find trails in your location like All Trails and Trail Forks. Happy Forest Therapy.