House getting crowded? How about an Office Shed for Some Personal Space?

The side effect of the pandemic is that we are all now working at home and if you have kids they are learning at home too with live classes with their teachers. Your house is now very crowded and everybody needs their space or you may get a little cranky with this set-up.

If you have a big backyard you may want to consider adding an office shed. A shed that is 10 x 12 does not need a building permit but the sizes can be 8 x 8 up to 20 x 50 in size from some manufacturers. The sheds are shipped as kits and come with an electrical package with fixtures, switches and outlets. Electrical wire trenching and hook-up is done by the owner. The sheds are placed on a poured concrete slab or with a joisted floor system like a deck.

We had a look at the various designs from Backyard Escapes, Studio Shed and Summerwood Products that include traditional and ultra modern designs so you can start imagining your own space.

Backyard Escapes

Studio Shed 

Summerwood Products

Depending on your budget and friendly bank manger you can expect to spend $20,000 and up for a pre-fab office shed plus electrical hook-up, foundation set-up and final build. This can be the ultimate DYI project for the man of the house.