The Apple Fan Boy Home Office Set-up

Yeah, you are under lockdown working from your home now and you have to run your company without the walk by the desk management option and need to manage your team remotely. You also do not have your assistant helping you with your daily routines.

You are also attending a lot more online meetings now and your laptop is not cutting it anymore. You now need to outfit an home office to help you manage your company remotely. So we are going to look at creating a Mac Fan Boy CEO home office using all the latest Apple gear and we asked Apple for some advice. This is what Rene Richie, a tech analyst at Apple said for Apple’s vision of the ultimate home office.

Rene Richie is a tech analyst at Apple

“When you’re talking about ultimate Apple home office setups, at the highest end you’re looking at the new Mac Pro with a Pro Display XDR or two for more production-quality pixels than your eyes can take in at a glance. Add a stereo pair of HomePods in lieu of conventional speakers, so you can stream all your music, and an iPad Pro in Sidecar mode for easy access to control and manage extra information.

If you’re looking for something more everyday, the new iMac offers an all-in one that can handle almost anything. Throw in a pair of AirPods Pro headphones for fully immersive spatial audio, and when you finally take a break from your desk, switch the AirPods to your iPhone or Apple Watch to keep your tunes going wherever you go.”

“Once you go Mac your never go Back”

Now let’s have a look at all the latest gear from Apple to see what we can choose for the ultimate Fan Boy Apple home office.


Mac Pro & Pro Display XDR

The Mac Pro Display is Apple’s largest desktop with a 32” screen and it comes packed with a lot of processing power and designed for the creative professional that needs the fastest computer to run multiple applications. The screen offers a 6K retina quality and can be adjusted to landscape or portrait mode. This computer starts at $5,999 (USD) and if this is out of your budget a secondary option is the 27 inch iMac

iMac 27-inch

The latest iMac includes the Apple T2 Security Chip that provides data encryption for everything stored, so files and data are safe and secure. Other upgrades to the iMac line include 5K retina screen resolution; studio quality mics and cameras; and up to 5Ghz processing speeds (This is very fast) from the new core design. The 27” model costs $2,399 (CAD) and the 21.5” starts at $1,399 (CAD).


Next up for the ultimate home office is your smartphone and second screen (tablet), the days of the landline are over, unless you are the one covering the phones at your office. The smartphone is now your primary communications device from the home office.

iPhone 11

The latest iPhone is now up to 11 (actually 12 in the USA) and offers a dual camera system with 4K video quality shooting capability and machine learning. It has a 6.1 inch screen and comes in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB models in purple, green, yellow, black, white and red starting at $979 (CAD). Customers can also get iPhone 11 for $589 (CAD) with trade-in.

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro will allow you to add the second screen and Apple has introduced a key board accessory for this year’s model release. The 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro is available in silver and space grey finishes.  The 11-inch iPad Pro starts at $1,049 (CAD)  and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro starts at $1,299 (CAD). The keyboard will be available for purchase in May for $399 (CAD) for the 11-inch iPad Pro and $449 (CAD) for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The Apple Pencil for iPad Pro is available for $169 (CAD). 


Home Pod

Now we have to add speakers to this set-up and Apple has the Home Pod  to provide you with the sound you need. These are just more the speakers as it offers Siri, a digital personal assistance that is part of the package that can help with with your chores and even keep you company during the shutdown (LOL). The Home Pod cost $399  and the mini version is $129.

Air Pods

Headphone or ear plugs are up next for mobile sound, Apple has left the ear muff design to others and offer ear plugs only with the Air Pod starting from $219 with the Pro Model at $329. The Air Pod has a “Ear Tip Test” to ensure you get the best music quality.


Apple Watch

Now this will not be a fan boy article if we did not include the Apple Watch. Now you can go for walk, run or cycle without talking your phone with you when you need a break from the office, as you can take and receive voIce and text calls while listening to your music.

The watch can monitor your EKG and Oxygen levels for the health minded individual. The watches with cellular/GPS start from $369 and the series 6 that includes the blood oxygen app is $529.

Siri can be your Virtual Personal Assistant

Once you get all this gear set-up your personal assistance can be replaced by Siri for some routine functions like send text messages, online searches, select music and schedule restaurant reservations through voice commands. Siri is integrated with compatible Home Automation (Internet of Things – IoT) devices that can be managed through the Siri interface.

As with all new hardware releases processing power and battery life performance improves plus varying degrees of screen resolution from 4K to 6K are now available. All Macs have a reputation for quality workmanship and cyber security. 


So what is the total price tag for the Fan Boy step-up? This will include the iMac 27” as the desktop as the Pro model is more for creative professionals and is a little pricey, but a 32 inch screen is a big allure. We went with the Pro models for all the other devices.

  • iMac 27”: $2399
  • iPhone 11: $979
  • iPad Pro 12.9” plus Keyboard and Pencil $1,917
  • Home Pod: $399
  • Air Pods Pro: $329
  • Apple Watch: $529
  • Siri Personal Assistant: Included

Total Cost: $6,085

Three items that are not included in the Apple product line-up are large screen TV, printer and router as part of the ultimate home office set-up and will be explored in other articles.