The Latest Snapshot of Canadian Media Habits in a COVID World

The digital lifestyle is now mainstream as the Generation Xers (40-55) are now the biggest consumer market in Canada and this generation was the first to buy online. Millennials or Generation Y (25-40), was the generation where a smartphone was their best friend growing up. Baby Boomers are now third in size (55+) according to the latest data from Happyfication, a company providing marketing science services

Here are the latest facts on what people Don’t Do for media consumption in Canada. (A16-65) 

  • 2.3% of the Canadian population not using a computer/laptop or tablet
  • 10% don’t use a smartphone, landlines are now a thing of the past.
  • 10.9% Broadcast TV, so much for chord cutting trends.
  • 34% don’t stream TV. TV streaming is now a mass medium with that reaches over 40% of the population. 
  • 17% don’t listen to radio, the power of free music and long commutes in your car
  • 44% don’t stream music yet, but this won’t last long as there is no radio tuner app available for your smartphone.
  • 44.6% don’t use print (newspaper and magazine), so print is not dead, it is still a mass market medium
  • 37.2% not using the online press. This is surprising, but the reading habits between print and online based on time spent reading were similar with higher usage rates in the 30 min to 1 hr and 1-2 hours segments.
  • 43.4 don’t using gaming consoles. Need to keep an eye on games usage for advertising now
  • 10.3% don’t use some form of social media. Wow! Everybody now has their own personal web page somewhere.

Source: Happyfication 2020, Canadian Audience Profile, Sample Size 10,000, Stats Canada