The Re-Invention of Online Events – The Canadian Online Publishing Awards

As with all companies, they have had to pivot to survive in the new market environment and here is the story on how the Canadian Online Publishing Awards (COPA) was re-Invented into an online event from a live party that will be held on February 4, 2021.

While online video communications has become the go to method of having meetings now the Zoom model is getting a little tired for an event model and the producers of the event wanted to do something different and be a leader in the industry. Through consultations with an industry panel they have created the following event  that could be a template for your company’s event needs for your staff – like sales meeting and training sessions.

This year’s COPA event has been reinvented to a live digital affair that will allow finalists to participate for the first time from across Canada. Previously attendees had to travel to Toronto for the live event and some winners could not make it.

This digital event all attendees will have a personal Avatar, that will be their virtual person at a digital venue. The Avatar will allow you to go into to different room and have one-on-one conversations with people you see at the digital venue. The rooms are set up for presentations with video, for networking and group chats with friends and colleagues. There is even a group chat capability for the organizers.

Martin Seto, the producer for the event said he wanted to retain the benefits of networking in the digital event and provide something cool at the same time that you can do from your desk.

There will be two digital venues one a classroom style that will hold 200 people for the Awards presentation, where people can come to the stage an receive their award and another one for the After Party that will be a Paradise Island. As part of the event model there will be presentations from Business Wire on Content Management and from Happyfication on the topic of Media Tech Trends for Publishers.

A demonstration of the technology can been seen below. If you are interested in a digital event you can contact Martin Seto 416-907-6562