6 Employee Benefits Every Company Should Provide

Why do some companies thrive with top talent while others struggle to find decent employees? Why do companies like Google receive thousands of resumes from job seeking applicants each year, while other companies struggle to bring in top talent and decent employees and then see high turnover? One of the keys could be in the benefits that your company offers

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4 HR Trends Emerging in 2019 – ARTIFCIAL INTELLIGENCE, Remote Workers, Candidate Power and Proactive Recruiting

The Canadian business landscape is constantly changing. The HR trends of 2019 will see the further integration of AI in the workplace, alternative working arrangements becoming increasingly common, a shift in power to job seekers and the need to rethink recruitment to find the best candidates. Adapting to these trends will allow businesses to hire the best workers and meet

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EnerGel Permanent by Pentel

Waterproof, light-fast and fade resistant ink. Perfect for keeping important documentation safe. Use it on cheques, contracts and other legal documents. The paper will wear out before the ink does. The water-resistant nature also makes it good for use on exposed items such as luggage tags. The pen has a stylish modern look with metal pocket clip. 0.5mm tip gives

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