WIN A Epson EcoTank ET-4760 Printer

Today’s Office Printer today are multi-purpose business machines that offers scanning, copiers, printers , automatic document feeders (ADF) and 2 side printing in 4 colour. Faxing is still part of the mix, but is now an obsolete feature unless you are really old school. Epson’s latest line of office printer offers the ability to not have to buy ink cartridges

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The Apple Fan Boy Home Office Set-up

Yeah, you are under lockdown working from your home now and you have to run your company now without the walk by the desk management option and need to manage your team remotely. You also do not have your assistant helping you with your daily routines. You are also attending a lot more online meetings now and your laptop is

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Plastic Face Shields are part of the New Normal

Part of the new normal will be the use of face shields  going foward in public. Face shields provide better facial protection than masks as they are reusable and more comfortable. They also prevent wearers from touching their faces and make it easier to communicate with others, since the mouth is visible. Some versions are disposable while other more rugged

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