by Darnell Dobson, Contributing Writer The best organizations understand that happy employees are productive employees. As recent years have ushered in an era of open concept workspaces that is untethering workers from their desk and liberating them from their cubicles, some companies are also rethinking the entire workspace structure and what their employees need to really flourish at the office

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How to Communicate With Any Personality Type

by Kathy Irish, Director of Operations EJ4 Everyone exists somewhere on the continuum from introvert to extrovert. That’s a good thing because both the quiet, introspective introvert and the outgoing, assertive extrovert have their place to communicate in the work environment. Still, leading a team composed of different personality types can be a challenge. One of the biggest issues in

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Is there a Mentor at your Work?

When found, mentors challenge your thinking and ideas; they help you avoid mistakes and, if desired, can provide career guid- ance that will allow you to better define and achieve your goals.It’s not an easy quest, but here are some steps to take to find and keep that great workplace mentor relationship. Be mentor-worthy. Many times a mentor will find

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