EnerGel Permanent by Pentel

Waterproof, light-fast and fade resistant ink. Perfect for keeping important documentation safe. Use it on cheques, contracts and other legal documents. The paper will wear out before the ink does. The water-resistant nature also makes it good for use on exposed items such as luggage tags.

The pen has a stylish modern look with metal pocket clip. 0.5mm tip gives approx a 0.25mm line width. Made from 54% recycled material (excludes the ink and refill).

Pentel has been in Canada for over 40 years and has introduced popular writing instruments from Japan to Canada. For over 70 years, Pentel has supplied the world with the highest quality products. Our Name comes from two words: “Pen” and “Tell”. Our writing instruments tell a story with every word written. Energel Pens feature high performance ink technology, which combines the best qualities of liquid and gel ink for a super-smooth writing experience. Our liquid gel ink dries so fast even left-handed writers love it – no smears, no smudges, no globs. Energel pens are refillable with medium black smooth-writing gel roller refills.

Purchase these pens at your local office supply store or visit pentel.ca for more information on where to buy Pentel Products.