AeraMax Air Purifiers captures 99.97% of airborne particulates

The need for healthier work environments includes clean air. Commercial air purifiers can help filter out the many allergens, pollutants and germs that can impact the health of workers. Poor performance due to workplace health issues cost businesses millions each year. Air purification is one way to enhance well-being at work.

Commercial air purifiers can be used in a variety of facilities where indoor air quality needs improvement. Stuffy offices and conference rooms can be a breeding ground for germs passed around by a sick employee. With an air purifier discreetly mounted on the wall, germs and viruses that can remain airborne for hours are captured by True HEPA filters.

Hospitals, day care centres, schools and elder care centres must also contend with airborne contaminants. Airborne germs spread quickly among children at school and airborne pollutants in medical centres can reduce recovery or re-infect already sick patients. In elder care facilities, contaminated air can compromise already weak immune systems among the elderly. Carefully placed air purifiers throughout these facilities can maintain air quality and are easy to install and use.

AeraMax commercial air purifiers feature PureView, a digital display that shows the status of current room air quality including the percentage of airborne particles that have been captured and removed from the air. Using this capability, facility managers can identify areas in buildings where indoor air quality needs enhanced purification.

Key Product Features of AeraMax Air Purifiers

Fellowes offer 5 models to choose from in the AeraMax line including ones that mount on a wall and units rated for 300-700 sq. ft or 700-1400 sq. ft.

  • Cleans indoor air in public and shared spaces such as restrooms, childcare facilities, waiting rooms and other areas of high concentrations of people
  • True HEPA filtration captures 99.97% of airborne particulates including bacteria and viruses
  • Patented EnviroSmart sensor automatically adjusts to optimize performance in response to airborne contaminants and/or room occupancy
  • Activated carbon filter adsorbs wide range of chemical contaminants and odors
  • Optional PlasmaTrue Bipolar Ionizer safely renders bacteria, viruses, and mold inactive
  • Filter replacement indicator lights

To learn more about airborne particulates see the Office Today story at this link.