How to Outfit Today’s Boardroom for Online Meetings

If you ever tried to do an AGM meeting that has your boardroom packed and a bunch of people dialling in from across the country, you need an meeting set-up for your boardroom that will run smoothly. If you want to go “Hollywood” you can add video for this meeting. 

Today’s technology for setting up a boardroom has changed drastically in just 5 years.  Systems set up 5 years ago include a  smart board, projector, internet, sound systems and speakerphone to make it all work. To set-up video conferencing required cameras at both ends that can work together with a special set-up with video conference providers. This is a lot  of work and there is numerous technical glitches that can happen at any time in this set-up. Here is an article written by IT in 2014 that goes in detail on what the options were in 2014.

The use of large screen TVs is now the norm in today’s boardroom instead of a screen and projector. Today’s setup is just plug and play with a HDMI connection to your laptop, it is that simple. Sound is built into the TVs so you no longer need an audio system. Video conferencing is a little more trickier using the laptop computer as the camera is suited for selfies not boardroom views and you will still need a separate speakerphone for audio calls.

Logitech takes all this equipment and puts in this in an all in one system for the boardroom. This hardware configuration is for a meeting room for 14-20 people. This product bundle is Logitech’s Group solution that comprises of a camera, speakerphone, hub, mics and wall mount. It works with both Windows® 7, 8.1 or 10 and macOS 10.10 or higher environments. 

The system allows the camera to be controlled by the remote control panel and can pan 90 degrees left to right and tilt up 35 degrees and down 45 degrees. The camera has a 10x zoom and 1080 pixel HD resolution. The remote also controls the audio and phone calls,

There are  4 mics are built into the speaker phone with a 20 foot range. Additional mics can be attached to extend the range to 28 ft. The computer is connected via the USB port and you can pair your smartphone with the speakerphone via bluetooth. Watch this video to check out the system for yourself.

Now you need a software to conduct an online meeting and Skype for Business ( A Microsoft product) has been incorporated into Logitech hardware. Skype for Business allows set-up from any device, meeting invitations/url, screen sharing, built-IM, powerpoint upload and collaborative whiteboard. Meetings can host up to 250 people and can be recorded, so if want to do a webinar you can now.

Logitech hardware is software neutral and is compatible and certified for Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Fuze, Google Meet, Microsoft Cortana®, Cisco Jabber®, BlueJeans, BroadSoft, GoToMeeting, Vidyo, and other video conferencing, recording, and broadcasting applications that support USB cameras. The cost for this system starts at $1,400 Canadian plus optional features like additional mics.