Save on Stacks of Gas Receipts and Manage your Fuel Cost with a Fleet Card from Esso

You have a fleet of cars and are most likely tired of sifting through all the gas receipts from your drivers on a monthly basis, the Esso Fleet Card Program can set this process up all online with pdf receipts at no extra cost for you. You can monitor all your gas purchases in real time if you want and pay online.  The Esso Fleet Card Online account management and bill pay means you never have to save a fuel receipt or worry about mailing a payment again. At, you can:

  • Pay your bill online
  • View and manage your invoices
  • Instantly access account information such as card details, payment history, and available credit
  • Add and remove drivers
  • Change your card controls

There are two program to choose from the “ Business Card” designed for companies with less then 10 vehicles and the “ Business Premier Plus” for more than 10 vehicles that allows for custom controls of individual card spending.

Each Driver Must Enter their ID Number to Use the Card

For the Esso and Mobil Business Card Program, the driver must enter their Driver ID number. For the Esso and Mobil Business Card Premier Plus Program, they must enter their Driver ID number and odometer reading. The driver enters the information at the time of the sale at the pump or on the PIN pad at the counter.  You can also restrict the type of purchases made on the card to fuel only and can set daily spending limits to prevent misuse

You will also get volume rebates for fuel purchase and earn points on all your purchases through the Esso Rewards program or join PC Optimum points program for free groceries . Apply for a Fleet Card Here