Train Travel offers the Best Environmental Footprint 5.6x better than Air

The convenience of air travel for long haul distances will no doubt be the preferred route to take, but if you can take the train instead, it is better for the environment. There is a business class service available so you can work on the train with comfortable seating, as you know there is nothing worse than being in the middle seat on a plane plus you can take all the baggage you want without paying extra. VIA offers Business Class Travel in the Quebec City to Windsor Corridor, so you can work while you travel at a desk , so none of your time is wasted and there is free wifi.

If we take a look at the Toronto to Montreal route. Are their any productivity and cost savings if you take a plane, train or a car?

If you take a plane the actual flight time 1 hr and 15 min plus being at the airport 90 mins prior, waiting for baggage (30 mins) and travel time to the airport  and parking (45 ins each way). The total door to door is 3 hr and 15 min.  A ticket on Porter Airlines cost $265. But do’t forget the dreaded baggage charge of $30 per bag per trip so the total costs goes to $325

The train takes 5 hr and 8 min and you can arrive in the downtown of both cities. Travel time to the station will be 45 mins for this analysis and you get free parking, but the exit travel time is minimal as you are downtown. A economy ticket is $145 and Business Class starts at $169.

Business Class seating offers a spacious environment to work while travelling.

If you drive the car the total drive time is 5 hr and 30 mins ( if you don’t take a break) and the total distance is 541 km and if you pay 40 cents a km for milage the cost is $216 one way for total cost cost $432, but you will not have to pay for transportation costs like cabs in the visiting city. Gasoline cost is estimated at $160 (135 litres x $1.18) for round trip. The trunk space may come in handy if you are golfing with a client for example.

Train Travel has the Best Environmental Footprint

It seems that the plane can save close to 2 hrs in time and its worth the extra costs , but wait air travel has the highest carbon emissions per person at 83kg., followed by the car at 33.88 kg. and the train at the lowest at 14.76 kg. Air Travel emits 5.6 x more carbon emissions, that is a high price to pay for saving two hours of your time.

VIA Route Map