Get a Custom Online Training Program from e-Sky is an eLearning service provider for individuals and corporations seeking professional education advancement. e-SKY Solutions was founded by a group of senior professionals with nearly 50 years of industry, consulting and academic experience and an intimate understanding of the mobile professional’s training challenges. Their Integrated Multi-Channel Online Learning model  is a teaching philosophy that mimic’s real-life learning routines. It  offers access to instruction, support materials and references, but also delivers an online learning community for students to share and internalize knowledge. The goal is to be the one stop shop for all your professional online training needs. e-Sky claims that training can provide these employer benefits:

  • 30% employee productivity increase
  • 50% boosts in employee creativity
  • 353% ROI for every $1 spent
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Easy tool to track retention
  • Customize for individual or corporate use

e-SKY Solutions has  several thousand online training courses; from compliance (such as sexual harassment in the work place, using company equipment etc), to Microsoft courses or even custom courses developed by e-SKY for your needs.

  • Ability to select courses from any content provider (mix and match based on company needs)
  • Ability to create custom reports, to facilitate your adherence to mandated compliance and automated report generation to comply to specific industry accreditation
  • Custom levels of monitoring (human resource, department head, managers, supervisors, etc)
  • eLearning consulting team will work hand-in-hand with your organization to ensure all your business’ training needs are addressed with best in class solutions that meet your allocated training budgets

e-SKY is committed to providing high end affordable online education and training to help individuals earn prestigious certificates from credible organizations. e-SKY services are available to both corporations and individuals.

e-SKY Solutions 3551 St-Charles Blvd, Suite #369, Kirkland QC, Canada, H9H 3C4 1(514)900-5805