Tell Your Boss You Need to Fly a Kite : 50 Ways to Take a Break

It’s okay to take a break, it helps re-charge your batteries and mentally prepare yourself for the rest of the day. Here are 50 ways to do just that from The in a fun infographic that you can post at your desk.


Fifty Ways to Take a Break – You Don’t have to Fly a Kite

Take a bath, Listen to music, Take a nap, Go to a body of water, Watch the stars, Watch the clouds, Light a candle, Rest your legs up on a wall, Let out a sigh, Fly a kite, Sit in nature, Write a letter, Move twice as slowly, Learn something new, Listen to guided relaxation, Read a book, Take deep belly breaths, Meditate, Call a friend, Meander around town, Write in a journal, Notice your body, Buy some flowers, Find a relaxing scent, Walk outside, Go for a run, Take a bike ride, Create your own coffee break, Pet a furry creature, View some art, Eat a meal in silence, Turn off all electronics, Go to a park, Examine an everyday object with fresh eyes, Drive somewhere new, Go to a park, Go to a farmer’s market, Read or watch something funny, Colour with crayons, Make some music, Climb a tree, Let go of something, Forgive someone, Engage in small acts of kindness, Do some gentle stretches, Write a quick poem, Read poetry, Put on some music and dance, Give thanks, and Paint on a surface other than paper.