Curved Computer Screens Help Improves Staff productivity by 10-15%

If your are looking for a staff perk and at the same time boost productivity by 10-15% you may want to consider upgrading your computer monitors. Curved wide screen technology prices have now come down to affordable prices for the workplace. The curved screen is widely used by online gamers that enable you to open multiple screens at once with faster response times, so you can play faster and for gamers this is very important.

Doctor Sorin Beka, based in Markham, ON has used them in his office and says his productivity increased 10-15 percent with the wide screen curved screen format. His staff says that they can open 4 screens at once that helps reduce wasted time. Another user says, the video integration with a wide screen format for the home office worker allows a productive way for online video meetings and the home office can be equipped with special lighting for video.

There are many choices available. Here are brands offered by some of the leading office computer equipment vendors that are available at Staples and Grand and Toy ( click on the products below for more info). Prices start at $300 for a 27 inch version and can go up to $1,000 for larger screens

At the end of the day the curved computer screen makes work a little more fun and that is always good for happy and productive workers. With an estimated boost of 10-15% in productivity, this is a good investment to make too.