Purolator E-Ship Web Services

Purlotator offers a seamless free web service for their customers that allows you to integrate their computer system in your operations for customer shipping on your web site. Purolator E-Ship Web Services  enables you to integrate real-time shipping, tracking, estimates, pickups and returns directly into your website or custom application. This is a free tech service to use and and is based on XML technology and is a best of beed technology that includes Adobe, IBM, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP and Shopify as a partners. There is a also a Rewards Program that allows to you save up to 30% depending on your volume.

Benefits of  Purolator E-Ship Web Services

  • Increase efficiency by integrating shipping into your internal applications and across your supply chain.
  • Provide a consistent and positive customer experience by offering shipping estimates, pickups and tracking capabilities on your company’s website.
  • Increase revenue by ensuring your shipping rates include a built-in margin over your shipping costs.
  • Reduce costs by automating shipment creation and product returns.
  • Reduce call centre volume by providing estimates and shipment visibility online.
  • Provide customers with more shipping options by offering Purolator’s extensive suite of products and special delivery services.
  • Take control of the customer experience from order placement to final delivery.

Technical Support

Purolator makes it easy for you to integrate Web Services into your website or custom application. The Purolator E-Ship Resource Centre provides a variety of resources to support your Web Services development including:

  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Real-world code samples
  • Example use cases with sample results
  • The Purolator E-Ship Developer Forum
  • Technical support by phone and email

Technical Specifications

Purolator E-Ship Web Services are written in XML, ensuring maximum compatibility with the server side scripting languages used today. Our Web Services are designed to comply with the following specifications:

  • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) (external site)
  • Web Service Description Language (WSDL) 1.1 (external site)
  • The  Web Services work with any current SOAP/XML development environments. Development platforms vary in their SOAP/XML implementations. 

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