Need to Set up a Remote Workforce Fast – Sococo may be the answer

As part your COVID-19 plans you will have more staff working from home now and you need to set something fast to integrate your workforce. Here is a system that you can use for the next two weeks for free from Sococo free 2 week trial program .

Keep in Touch with Customers and your Team

Sococo is an online workplace solution where teams come together to work every day no matter where in the world your team is physically located. In times of uncertainty (international instability, infections) Sococo not only provides your employees with protection, this online workplace will ensure continued productivity not only for the team but for all your customers as well.

The Benefits of the Virtual Office Layout

  • Removes all barriers related to remote offices and resources, bringing team members together into a digital office environment.
  • Resolves issues experienced by large corporations in scheduling meetings, finding or renting meeting space and all related costs, such as rental fees and travel.
  • Instantaneous communication and collaboration between team members without leaving their desktop.
  • Ability to screen share presentations and data, do updates/changes online and add value, without numerous emails and attachments.
  • Cost savings by enabling anytime/anywhere discussions between team members, even if they are travelling.

Provide Virtual Office Space for your Customer

Complex projects and scheduling updates are simplified by the Sococo online office. Invite your international or local customers and vendors into the Sococo workplace for meetings and presentations whenever required. If required, your company can provide an office for international customers and large providers.

Sococo allows you to see visual images of attendees, which is more reflective of office interaction. It will promote the opportunity to identify resources who could work from a home office environment lowering the costs related to physical office space.

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