Quebec’s Plan To Re-Open The Economy

Quebec’s re-opening strategy differs from Ontario’s and it appears they have gone to stage 2 of Ontario’s plan as they feel they have containment in place. They are facing criticisms from the medical community as being too early, but we all know how protective doctors are as they tend tend be very risk adverse in their approach. It seems that we have a more balance approach in Quebec with fear management under control.

The economic sectors that are reopening for the province of Quebec was announced on April 28 and are listed below:

Source: Montreal Gazette


Starting on May 4, 2020, retail stores with a direct exterior access can resume their activities, except for those in the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM), which can reopen on May 11, 2020. Businesses in the supply chains of retail stores can resume their activities on the same dates.

Starting on May 11, 2020, all construction industry worksites can resume their activities. The reopening covers all sectors of the construction industry: residential, civil engineering and roads, institutional, commercial, and industrial. The reopening will simultaneously lead to the reopening of the industry’s supply chains.

Administrative staff in this sector must continue to engage in teleworking.

Starting on May 11, 2020, manufacturing companies in all regions of Québec can resume their activities. However, they must at all times throughout the day limit staff per shift on a given site to a maximum of 50 workers and 50% of the employees exceeding the limit of 50 workers. Some examples:

  • a manufacturing site that employs 60 workers on a shift must operate with a maximum of 55 employees;
  • a manufacturing site that employs 500 workers on a shift must operate with a maximum of 275 employees.

Starting on May 25, 2020, manufacturing companies throughout Québec will be authorized to resume their operations with no restriction on the number of employees present to ensure such operations.

All employees who can engage in teleworking must continue to do so.