It is time for you to a get Online Meeting App. Your options.

While we all grapple with new ways we do business, here is an article to help explain the capabilities of online meeting apps and on how to deploy them for your organization. Going foward you will need them to collaborate remotely with your staff and customers.

The history of the virtual meetings started out as a conference call from a land line and then screen sharing was added to the mix when the internet was fast enough, so other people could attend the meeting by phone and computer. Then the internet got faster and the latest computers all had mics and cameras in them – so your screen, video and audio can all now be shared in a virtual meeting.

You will need to familiarize yourself with the ones out there depending on the situation as each company uses a different one, but they all work the same. If you are in sales you better have all three downloaded in your computer. They all offer the following key features with some with built in email marketing programs for webinar registration.

  • VOIP audio/phone system
  • Virtual Meeting and Webinars with online chat/text
  • Video Conference 

You can sign up for FREE on Zoom and host up 100 people for a 40 minute meeting and unlimited 1-1 meetings. The paid package offers unlimited group meetings and social media streaming for $200 per year. This is the app that is getting a lot of noise out there is the media, but they have been around for 10 years.

Go-to-Meeting does not offer a free plan but a free 14 day free trial and their plans start at $200 per year also like Zoom, but allow 150 participants. These guys have been around since the beginning for virtual meetings.

Cisco Webex offers a free solution the allows you to host a 50 minute meeting for 100 people. Their paid plans also start around $200 per year that allows for any length of meeting for 100 people.

Holding a virtual board meeting may require a set-up like this to consider for larger organizations.

To do an online meeting justice each home office computer should be able to connect to a large screen TV at home for maximum productivity benefits. This is most likely needed for the senior management team to collaborate effectively from different locations, or you can get them a large curved screen.

Withe the introduction of digital learning for schools we are seeing schools using the Zoom app, so if you are parent the time is now to get an online meeting app.