The Marketing Ecosystem is getting a Re-Boot with this Mar-Tech Platform

The challenges today for marketers today in a Covid world has seen a rise in digital consumption of all media and increased purchases online, where the smartphone is now the primary device for all things digital. In the day before digital it was a little simpler to do advertising through television, radio, out of home and print (magazine and newspapers). Today there are a multitude of digital channels to consider like websites, social media, ad networks, SEO, apps, podcasts, chats. The marketing ecosystem is now much more complicated and complex to stay on top of what is working and be nimble enough to change on a weekly or monthly basis to market responses.

The use of analytics for marketing has grown since the dawn of the internet as open rates, clicks, ad impressions, likes, followers and KPI became part of suite new metrics and the ad tech industry was born and grew like a wildfire. Unlike traditional media that is tightly controlled by the media owners the internet followed a different path as ad click fraud became a growing concern and terms like click bots, ad farms and fake profiles became part of the ad tech ecosystem. It got so bad in 2017 Proctor and Gamble called out some of the bad actors in the ecosystem and cut their digital ad spend and still saw an increase in sales.

So today’s marketer not only has to deal with filtering out the 50% wastage in the advertising, but will have to also filter fake people as part of the process. There is also an increasing number of KPIs and tech solutions, and multiple pools of online and offline data. This allows brands and agencies to move from a media planning to an audience planning, focusing on a behavioural approach in the media mix rather than solely socio-demographic or publisher-centric – an approach that has proven to yield better media and business performance. And today, more than ever, brands need to make sure every dollar is being invested where it will hit the mark.

The Marketing Ecosystem

Typically, a national advertiser will hire an ad agency for creative, media shop for the media buy, a PR firm for publicity and social media and a digital agency to handle digital side. Market Research will also have to be assessed to stay on top of market trends. This ship is all steered at the client side in one big puzzle. In some full service global agencies they will provide all these services. Marketers need a tool to manage all the marketing reports from all these sources. Some companies are taking some of these functions in-house like social media programs with in-house studios or even internal trading desks. The marketing ecosystem is very fragmented with data silos that have to be combined in a consolidated report for evaluation.

How HappyFication was Inspired

To take advantage of technology to help streamline this process and provide an intuitive interface where marketers can play and crunch the numbers and save time to measure ROI of the marketing budget. What makes Happyfication unique is their data-driven and truly omni-media approach. Imagine a new generation trading desk including the people, tech and access with omni-media capabilities. They also trade in full transparency which ensures that they are truly objective in  recommendations about performance and the choice of media and creative assets.

Now you can Access to an omni-media dashboard 

Happyfication can be described as a cutting edge end-to-end advertising MarTech platform that simplifies workflow and augments marketer’s decisions at every step of the creative and media chain. Happyfication manages this whole marketing process from consumer insights, audience analysis and profiling, advertising optimization, media planning/buying, omni-media reporting to financial consolidation and auditing. The solution has the ability to monitor the campaigns running on various touchpoints and channels  to see what is working and make campaign adjustments if warranted. This digital infrastructure will allow firms to manage their campaigns by brand with an approval process that is executed in the cloud to accommodate remote workers. 

The Happyfication Custom Declarative Panel 

A key component of the Happyfication media planning solution is their custom declarative mega-panel on which they apply proprietary algorithms to extract actionable insights about audience decision journeys in minutes. The panel is available in 44 different countries, and sourced from a range of international and national sources. In short, Happyfication creates audience models using this declarative panel  in order to better understand one’s target market. The objective is to help brands invest where we think we will hit the mark, especially in our current context. Beyond confirming any instincts that we may have on a brand’s strategic target, the insights reveal the scale to which interests, attributes, perceptions (and other data points) are relevant to each model (audience %) and the level of affinity/passion (index) vs the average general population. 

One feature all planners would love is the Opportunity Affinity Score Module that calculates opportunity scores across programmatic and linear touchpoints based on a scoring algorithm:

Dashboards save time and make your staff more productive

Campaigns reports are automated that allows for data mining to look for customer hotspots or under performing ad channels, formats, creatives, audiences or any other custom dimension. Reports can be seen in charts or downloaded as a spreadsheet. Heat maps are available that show customer profiles and response by geographic location. Financial reports for the marketing spend can be consolidated in this digital infrastructure. One module even shows media mix efficiencies by overlaying media metrics with off-line sales in order to track impact on overall business.

The founders Happyfication have invested years of development  in building this solution to service the needs of global marketers and their agencies. Now it is available scalable to any size of organizations that includes small and medium size business to help advertisers, marketing agencies and publishers to leverage data and insights in order to inform creative, media and other marketing strategies with the end objective of increasing business performance and measuring marketing ROI.

For more information please contact Sandra Abi-Rashed +1-305-409-8377,, 42 West St. Brooklyn, NY 11222