Team Bonding Idea for Halloween – Haunted Walks Tours

Looking for a ways to creating a team bonding event with your workers that are all working remotely. Perhaps a Haunted Walk Tour may be the answer. With Halloween coming out this may be a good time to see your co-workers, as we all need a distraction and a good Ghost Story can be the answer. These are outdoor tours that provide a Covid bubble event idea plus you get some exercise as the tours are a 75 minute walk.

If you are new to the history of ghosts you will learn how spirits continue to live in the structures during the tours through first hand observations and historical research told by your tour guide. You will learn a little history as the ghost stories are about century old buildings that are haunted. Churches are always a good place to start for a good ghost story as they have so much history with dead bodies buried beneath them.

The Complete Books of Ghosts

To set the stage for your tour, The Complete Book of Ghosts, written by Paul Roland in 2018, defines a ghost as a purely natural phenomenon and its either earthbound spirits or residual personal energy that lingers at a location which was significant to the individual’s life or at the moment of their death. The are a variety of ghost categories like the Unaware Ghost that continues to live in the physical realm unaware that they are dead. Other ghosts described in the book are the Denial, Attached, Jealous, Fearful, Sad, Mission, Comfort, Curious, Mischievous and Angry. Children it is theorized can see ghosts as their minds are not fully developed.

The Complete Books of Ghost has pictures of ghosts that includes a ghost ship. The Haunted Walk Tours provides you with stories about the ghosts in your city for a spooky and fun time for your team.

Haunted Walk Tours Available in Kingston, Ottawa and Toronto

The Haunted Walk Tours are available in three cities – Kingston, Ottawa and Toronto. Get your sixth sense tingling as you take your team on one of the tours 

Ghosts of Fort Henry Tour in Kingston, ON


The Original Haunted Walk of Kingston – This tour features haunted hotels, hidden burial grounds, grave robbings, hangings, and other spine-tingling surprises. 

Ghosts of Fort Henry –  Explore Fort Henry, Kingston’s spooky 19th century fortress and its many dark twists and turns, as your guide recounts its tragic history, including the hanging of Nils Von Schoultz, the secret of Deadman’s Bay, and many supernatural encounters! 


The Original Haunted Walk of Ottawa – This tour shares some of our favourite ghost stories from the area including: the Bytown Museum, the Fairmont Château Laurier and Ottawa’s haunted high school. 

Haunted Ottawa Jail Tour – Ottawa’s famous haunted jail and real-life murder mystery! In 1869, was an innocent man executed for the murder of Thomas D’Arcy McGee, a popular Canadian politician? Does he still haunt the hallways of the jail to this day? 


Original Haunted Walk of Toronto – Ghosts, graveyards, hangings and haunts are all featured. Hear some stories from the earliest days of the city, including haunted theatres, unsolved mysteries and the terrifying encounters at Mackenzie House. 

Spirits of the Distillery District Ghost Tour – With tales of gruesome accidents, the perilous world of whiskey-making and the explosive War of 1812, you’ll quickly see why this is area is known as one of Toronto’s most haunted spots. 

Campus Secrets & Spectres – Is Canada’s largest university also its most haunted? The University of Toronto downtown campus is filled with dark history and ghostly tales.

Ghosts of Black Creek Pioneer Village – Go Ghost hunting and explore the supernatural side of Toronto’s historic and haunted pioneer village in the dark! You can go ghost hunting in some of the structures with a flashlight looking for the lady in the blue dress.

You can create your own “Spooky night” at home this Halloween

With Trick or Treating not happening this year, the Haunted Walk also offers in-home haunting experiences with ghost stories on the website or you can listen to their podcast series. If you want to take it step further  you can get  “The Haunting at Home”  an interactive online audio experience you can do right in your own house, apartment or creepy cabin in the woods. This paranormal adventure is the perfect night of spooky fun for those who are intrigued by ghost stories or enjoy the thrill of trying to contact the other side.

Podcast – Haunted Horse Story “The Professor’s Ghost Story”

The Professor’s Ghost Story was published in newspapers across the United States in 1896. A spooky, chilling and surprising tale that combines the elements of a great ghost story with a compelling mystery. It is the story of a man and his horse, and the mischievous spirit they met along a dark country road. Is it a work of fiction or a genuine encounter with the unknown?

Tour tickets are $30 + HST per person. To allow for distancing, each tour can accommodate up to 12 people from no more than 3 social circles. Group tours offer a free ticket with a group of 15 or more  for every 10 tickets