Keep your office the Warm this Winter with this Stylish Wall Heater

You are in the house now working and you may not have all the warmth you need as you may be in the basement or a room that is a little cold. You can get a space heater,  but there is another way to heat your office that is silent and is a piece of wall art.

The InvroHeat Wall Art heaters are based on clean, infrared nanotechnology and are extremely energy efficient. Infrared heat is invisible light containing lots of energy. When the ‘light’ hits an object, the object heats up. The heat is available immediately. No pre-heating is require and no energy is wasted heating the air. Infrared energy is transported using radiation and is the most effective manner in which to transport energy since you don’t lose any of the energy.

The panel bounces infrared rays all around the room, heating the objects they come into contact with, including the walls and people. If you stand a few inches away you can feel the warm in in our body almost like a heat massage feeling.

It comes in five designs that are 101 (40.4”) x 56.2 (22.48”) cm in size and weighs 1 kg. It is suitable for room that are 26 cubic meters (a 25 sq ft area). The poster is 1/2 inch thick (12 mm) at the top and bottom edges and the heating area is 2 mm (so very thin). If you keep it near your desk it will keep you warm.

The heater is safe for children and pets as if they touch it will feel like the heat from a cup of coffee (it will not burn) and it comes with a fail safe as it automatically shuts off after 6 hours of use. InviroHeat’s wall heater takes only 30 seconds to reach full operating temperature and is much more efficient at heating than a conventional space heating system.

It is estimated that if you use it 5 hours a day it will consumer 2.15 KWH (35.5 cents) a day versus 7.5 KWH ($1.21) for a conventional space heater. This is 342% more efficient and will save you money in the cold winter months. (Note: 17 cents is the average  electricity rate in Canada per KWH). The cost is $170 and will pay for itself in the first year with the savings.

You can buy it online at the InvroHeat website or at Staples.