About Office Today


“ To Help Business Succeed in the Digital Age”

Office Today is published by the Canadian Office Products Association (COPA) and its members include retailers, distributors and manufacturers with an industry database of 35,000 companies and office staff. To serve the needs of the industry Office Today was launched in 2017 to serve the office services and products market niche in Canada. Office Today offers a monthly email newsletter, digital magazine published 2x year and website.

The editorial mandate Office Today is to help business succeed in the “Digital Age” with digital literacy is one of the channels a must in the fast changing technology driven environment we are all living in. The content will focus on six streams or channels Digital Literacy, Office Technology, Management, Marketing ROI ,  Healthy Office and the COPA Product Showcase a members only feature.

How to Submit a Story? Advertisers can contribute to these content channels with paid and non-paid articles. Editorial Submissions are welcome if they meet our editorial criteria and we are are looking for industry experts as guest writers. If you are interested in submitting a story for the consideration, submissions are welcome. Please send a 2 paragraph summary up to  20 word headline to editorial@officetoday.ca and the content channel you are interested in the subject head.

Audience Profile (National)

Email Newsletter/Digital Magazine Circulation: 135,000

  • COPA Industry List: 32,000
  • Office Retailers and Wholesalers: 3,000
  • Controlled Digital (CASL Compliant): 100,000
  • Job Titles: Business Owners, CEOs, Presidents, Partners, Founders, Purchasing, Secretaries, Facilities Manager, Operations Manager, Executive Assistants
  • Geographic – Western Canada 25%, ON 60%, Eastern Canada 15%   

Want to Advertise? If you want to be part of the Office Today ecosystem you can to select from content sponsorship in the content channel of your choice, email newsletters, magazine ads and banner ads on the website to market to our digital audience of 135,000. Contact the Publisher Marty Seto 416-907-6562 marty.seto@reflexmediasales.com

Content Channels

This content channel contains educational stories for staff to become more digital literate and to keep pace with technology change. It will have stories for newbies to learn how to survive in the digital world will how to detect a phishing attack via email and website design basics from industry experts.

The office technology content will keep readers abreast to the changes in technology for office operations. We will keep you up to speed on office machines and software like artificial intelligence and block chain. We will help you get ready for 5G networks that offer more bandwidth for mobile users.

The management channel will have stories managing with a good business sense for operations, growth and financial strategies. Stories will cover market intelligence, entrepreneurship, macro-economic statistics, finance and leadership. The  story in the Spring issue of the magazine will be “ The Business Growth Algorithm” where behavioural science overlaps technology.

The Marketing ROI channel will provide marketing advice to readers to help grow their business. We we have industry experts providing advice to how stretch your marketing and advertising dollar with the right marketing mix that includes traditional, email and digital options. Dennis Kelly, an ad industry vet of over 20 years will a featured writer.

The Healthy Office category will have stories for office staff needs both mentally and physically to maintain a healthy office culture that allows people to grow and stay fit. The will includes stories on staff training, team building, exercises and office design that promotes a vibrant and healthy corporate culture. The Fall cover story for the for the magazine will be “ The Google Office” where smartphones replace land lines and be come a core business productivity tool.

The COPA Product Showcase is exclusively for the members of COPA. Members receives a Product Showcase ad as part of membership on the website, email newsletter and in the magazine. Members also receive a 20% discount on all ad rates and discount from all the affiliate members.