Canada’s Covid-19 App

The Feds launched a Covid 19-app to help contain the pandemic in record time (less than 3 months). This app was inevitable as it will help create a database of the Canadian population to contain the second coming of the Covid-19 virus. Current research suggests that the virus acts like a seasonal flu and eventually everybody will have to be

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Life Beyond Covid-19 – What to expect next from Nielson Research

Looking at the occurrence of infections worldwide and the measures taken by governments in different countries to prevent and protect the population, Nielsen identified three distinct timelines for global market regeneration. This framework describes what lifestyle and consumer behaviors will look like in each of the three scenarios. It is obvious that the length of the lockdown has an influence

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Alberta’s Plan To Re-Open the Economy

On April 30, the Government of Alberta announced they are opening the economy in four stages with a very gradual release during the month on May based on achieving medical milestones. This is the most comprehensive plan to date provided by the provinces. Early actions Medical Facilties Alberta Health Services will resume some scheduled, non-urgent surgeries as soon as May

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