How to PractIce Creative Leadership

There is a need for creative leadership solutions for today’s generation of managers. The very old school method of thinking that staff are all cattle and each needs their own internal personal ROI needs be revised. Just ask anybody who works in a Amazon distribution centre. This internal ROI is a lot of stress on anybody (and is a cause

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How CEO’s Can Drive Business Growth with the Growth Algorithm

In today’s volatile market, where speed and performance are critical to business success, CEOs face an unprecedented number of challenges to accelerate growth and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Now more than ever before, leaders need to take the guesswork out of driving growth with better metrics to identify the previously hidden, yet vital factors influencing their organization’s ability to

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Is there a Mentor at your Work?

When found, mentors challenge your thinking and ideas; they help you avoid mistakes and, if desired, can provide career guid- ance that will allow you to better define and achieve your goals.It’s not an easy quest, but here are some steps to take to find and keep that great workplace mentor relationship. Be mentor-worthy. Many times a mentor will find

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